Pilling is most commonly caused when two fabrics rub against each other. To prevent unsightly pilling on the outside of t-shirts, turn them inside out before throwing them into the washing machine, and before handwashing.

Wash on Delicate Cycle Or better yet, hand wash (if you don't mind the extra labor). The less movement your t-shirts makes during washing, the better. 

A 100% cotton t-shirt does not like heat and can even shrink if it’s washed too hot. Darker colored t-shirts can be usually washed completely cold but we recommend washing white t-shirts at around 30 degrees (or it can be washed at 40 degrees if needed).

Avoid the clothes dryer, opt for hanging instead. This minimizes agitation and will keep your t-shirts pill-free.

During the warmer months, hang your t-shirts on an outdoor line for the fastest drying time.

In winter, you can hang your t-shirts to dry inside, but keep a window slightly open and the room well ventilated to avoid moisture buildup in the air.